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Strawberry Yankee - 身為暴走族的草莓


... The person had straight bleached-blond hair down to her shoulders, wore blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick, and had on a navy-blue school uniform comprised of a short jacket and a very long skirt with a prodigious number of pleats, which dragged on the ground. ... Wow, a sukeban, and a super old-school one too... Who knew bad girls wearing outfits like this still existed?... If a curator for a natural history museum saw her, she'd immediately be captured and exhibited next to a steposaur skeleton in the Fossils section. (p.53)

這種鄉下的暴走族也很好笑,只有七人就稱下妻最強女暴走族了!然後這些人又很喜歡用漢字,於是,就有把英文團名硬凹成漢字的可笑狀況:舖爾威帝劉 (日文念做:po-ni-i-tei-ru),請連起來念很快,我當時領悟到這串漢字的意思之後,笑到肚痛啊~~ (解答請看文後附註)

Everything about her was not just halfway, but totally, hick. It was not just a question of taste, but went far beyond that: everything about her was somehow wrong, and irredeemably hick. So hick I couldn't even laugh. So hick it stopped the tears coming in spite of being so pathetic. (p.62)

桃子曾經很直接地跟莓說:在我眼中,你是個品味極差的鄉下Yankee。而且,桃子總是對莓毫無章法的行事邏輯感到很困惑。例如明明自稱是個飆車族,但竟然會說出:"I mean, yeah, I'm a rider, but if I go too fast, it'd be dangerous."這樣矛盾的話。此外,她總是半調子學來一些東西,讓自己出了糗還不自知,跟人幹架贏了卻跟對方說:"You'll be sorry for this." (這不是輸的人講的話嗎?) 而當桃子跟莓糾正了這句話的意思之後,豪氣直率的莓當下沮喪到不能說話 (真的很可愛耶);另外,她還洋洋得意地炫耀說將"般若心經"四個字繡在她的特攻服上,只覺得這四個字很酷,卻絲毫不知道這是甚麼意思。因此,桃子只能常常很無力的在她背後吐槽(因為講也沒用啊~)。



"... Yanki are so uncool."
"Did you just dis my entire life?"
"Well, yeah."
"I'll fucking kick your ass."
"Go ahead, if you want to."
"You ask me, you're the one who's uncool, wearing those frilly-ass outfits when you're in fucking high school already."
"They're not 'frilly-ass,' they're Lolita."
"What's the fucking difference?"
"There's a world of difference."
"I'll kill you, I swear."
"Go ahead."
"You know, you wear those frilly-ass clothes, but you've got a lot of nerve, girl. A lot more nerve than some of those posing half-ass Yanki around town." (p.71)

莓:"You go around raising hell till that late at night, you're a fucking nuisance. Keeps the whole town awake. Plus, you stay out all night, your parents're gonna get worried."
-- (桃)Excuse me, but I though you were a bad-ass biker chick? If you start riding at nine and quit at eleven, then just go home and go to bed, that sounds pretty straight-edge to me. There's nothing delinquent about it. Indeed, I would call that exceedingly wholesome and well-behaved.
莓:"I mean, like, there's some wanna-be Zokki dickheads who ride around past midnight, don't give a shit about all the noise they're making, but like, a lotta the people around here are farmers. They get up fucking early. You don't think about them, you're just an asshole. Plus anyway, it gets past midnight, you get tired, right?"
-- (桃)No, I do not, actually. You turn into a sleepyhead after midnight, Ichigo? What are you... a baby? (p.163)

註:舖爾威帝劉 (日文念做:po-ni-i-tei-ru)= Ponytail


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