Tuesday, December 22, 2009

otaku culture

Today's subculture (otaku culture in Japan) chooses videogame wars over street-riot opposition, deviance over activism, solipsistic erotic fantasy over sexual freedom, and hollow identity over existential angst. This subculture has long abandoned the ideals of modern humanism, embracing instead what Yumiko Iida calls a postmodern "nihilistic nationalism" linked to a "highly media-permeated and technologically driven socio-cultural environment," which is "devoid of meaning, historical depth, and empirically grounded subjectivity." (Takashi Murakami 村上隆, Little Boy: p256-7)


Ennui said...

This is such a powerful statement. I love it! (Maybe I should quote your words in my dissertation) :D We should really meet and talk about Otaku and manga!

pw104 said...

This statement is a direct quote from Takashi Murakami, it's not my own words. But it is true that my study is significantly influenced by this.


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