Thursday, December 13, 2007


"Miss Wang, you just won a cruise vacation!!
You are chosen from the forms filled up at NYAF last weekend."



Q: 這個行程是從哪裡到哪裡?行程細節?
A: Florida to Bahamas. You can stay at Florida for four days, and then take a cruise to Bahamas.
Back from Bahamas, you will go to Disney World. The hotel we provide is very close to the DisneyWorld. And you will also have a private car service waiting for you during the whole trip...

--- 講得很動聽,但是重點別忘了,是從Florida開始喔,那我還要自己出機票錢到Florida耶~

Q: 那如果我接受的話,我現在應該要怎麼做呢? (其實我完全沒有要接受的意願)
A: We need your credit card information.
Q: But I thought it is FREE. You told me "I won the trip."
A: You will only be charged for $598 for two persons ($299 for one person).

--- 開玩笑,我怎麼可能給你信用卡資料。而且騙一個人的錢不夠,她還要我訂兩個人的行程。

Q: 那我需要時間考慮,你可不可以寄書面資料給我慢慢研究呢?
A: 很抱歉,你如果沒有現在接受的話,我們就要把機會給下一個人了喔~

--- 沒有書面資料就讓人更加懷疑這公司的信度了!還威脅我要馬上做決定,更讓人不爽!

Q: 到底有多少人被抽中呢?
A: only 1%.

--- 騙鬼啊!

Q: 你們公司叫什麼名字?之前沒有聽到,請再講一次。
A: Imperial Majesty Cruise...

--- 那我以後想去在找你們的公司吧~這次就先掰掰囉


New York Anime Festival Warns Attendees of Cruise Scam
posted on 2007-12-12 22:12 EST
Vendor banned from future shows for trying to gather credit card info

Protoculture Addicts Editor-in-Chief Claude J. Pelletier and translator Miyako Matsuda report that VTS Global, a vendor at New York Anime Festival (NYAF) 2007, has been attempting to gather credit card information from them and other attendees by claiming they have won a free cruise to the Bahamas. VTS Global set up a booth at NYAF's exhibition hall that offered a drawing for a free cruise for people who filled out a form. The company then reportedly contacted Matsuda and others Monday to say they had "won" a cruise, but they must first pay US$299 for "taxes." VTS Global would not offer any other details unless a credit card number is given, and claimed it would select another "winner" if a card number is not provided.

NYAF has advised attendees to treat VTS Global as a scam and to report any contact to NYAF's management. NYAF programming manager and Reed Exhibitions staffer Peter Tatara told ANN that he is "making sure [VTS Global is] blacklisted from all of Reed's future shows." Attendees who did not fill a form for a purported free cruise drawing are not affected.



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