Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I dreamed a dream

Video: I dreamed a dream by Lea Salonga @ Bryant Park
Summer 2009
Broadway at Bryant Park

I dreamed a dream. long ago...

In my dream, I found someone I loved.

Someone who was so charming, thoughtful and modest, and

he made me believed we wanted the same things in life…

One day, I woke up.

I looked at this person again,

and realized…

The person in my dream is only a fantasy, my own imagination.

He never exists.

I was just having a dream that I’ve always dreamed of.


Bamum said...

well....I somehow can understand this kind of feeling. I regard it as an interesting journey afterward, feel proud to have these stories, and like to share them with my friends~

The question seems to be, either a perfect dream or a realistic relationship is more charming? Haha~

Hana said...

You should share what's your stories!!


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